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Residential Irrigation

Achieving the perfect green lawn is a goal for many property owners in Franklin, Auckland. With Auckland’s warm summers, however, it can be difficult to make this goal a reality. 

Fortunately, at Onform Irrigation, we are specialists in residential irrigation in Franklin. To maintain the health and appearance of your lawn, garden, greenhouse or even horse arena, we can design a bespoke irrigation system to meet your needs.

There are many different types of residential irrigation systems for Franklin homeowners to choose from. These include the following, and are versatile solutions that our team at Onform Irrigation can discuss with you:


1) Surface Irrigation

Arguably the most recognisable irrigation system, surface irrigation involves watering the surface of a lawn or the soil with a hose or sprinkler system. Sprinklers are popular amongst our clients because they can be automated, and cover a large surface area. Yet, it’s important to consider that surface irrigation requires regular maintenance and substantial organisation prior to purchase. 

If this irrigation system seems appropriate for your property, don’t wait to enquire with us. 

2) Drip Irrigation

 A drip irrigation system, rather than dispersing water into the air, delivers water to plants directly at the root, through a series of exposed pipes and tubes that connect to emitters. Residential properties in Franklin can benefit greatly from this economical irrigation system, particularly if you grow your own fruit and vegetables.

There is less labour required during installation as opposed to surface irrigation, and lower water usage over time. But, as with most irrigation systems, there are variables to bear in mind; the sun can degrade the plastic used for the tubes over time, and water must be thoroughly filtered before being dispersed. 

We at Onform Irrigation can help address these issues with practical measures before they arise.  

3) Blended Irrigation

Overall, blended irrigation systems combine the many benefits of surface and drip irrigation into one ultimate solution. Nowadays, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds to accommodate the needs of a varied landscape. 

For landscapes that are made of flat plains and thriving planters, sprinkler systems can be implemented across the large areas to ensure efficient hydration, and conservative drip irrigation systems can be installed elsewhere to water every plant and tree with the perfect amount. 

We look forward to designing and installing the right residential irrigation system for you.