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The Reasons Why Irrigation is Important

The Reasons Why Irrigation is Important

What exactly is irrigation? What does it involve? How does it work to help us? We’ll look to answer those questions and more in this blog on the importance of irrigation.

What is irrigation?

Irrigation is the artificial process of supplying water to plants, crops, or landscapes to ensure their proper growth and development. This practice involves the controlled distribution of water through various methods, such as surface channels, pipes, sprinklers, or drip systems, to deliver the required amount of moisture to the plants’ roots. Irrigation is essential in regions with limited rainfall or during dry periods to sustain agriculture, maintain landscapes, and promote water efficiency

Why residential irrigation?

The purpose of residential irrigation is to maintain healthy and attractive outdoor spaces by ensuring that plants receive an adequate and consistent water supply, especially during periods of limited rainfall or drought. Properly designed and managed residential irrigation systems help conserve water, promote plant growth, and enhance the overall aesthetics of the property. 

Whether it’s residential irrigation or something agricultural, Onform Irrigation can help you put the right system in place for your property. We offer our services to both commercial and residential clients at an affordable rate for Pukekohe, Remuera, Ponsonby, Auckland, and the surrounding areas.